Pairing Alum Mentors with New, Current & Prospective Students

In our endeavor to provide a supportive learning experience for new, current & prospective students, the Alumni Association has launched an initiative called “The 好友计划” in which each prospective, new or current student may be assigned an Alum Buddy. The Alum Buddy supports students — whether they are adjusting to the Pacifica culture, need someone to share the journey, or are discovering our two beautiful campuses — and offers focus and guidance for their chosen programs. This initiative is the next segment for our 校友 Connections Project.


  • helping new, current & prospective students integrate with Pacifica by providing them access via those who are already familiar with our culture, attitudes, and expectations
  • providing new, current & prospective students with a point of contact for general queries regarding day-to-day operations and issues.


什么是校友伙伴?他们是人喜欢的  谁已经经历了这个过程。  有一流的经验和了解如何工作,以及  有提示和想法分享。 Buddy和学生之间的关系是等于或同龄人之一。校友会在这里帮助学生向未来寻求未来,并考虑他们所需的结果所需的工具。




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